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Now dear reader, we come to one of the more bizarre incidents in this history. Even after all this time, I still haven’t made my mind up whether I should have been insulted or flattered; insulted because they thought that I was that sort of woman, or flattered because all women want to be desired by men.

The two bottles of champagne had come and gone and another one had been ordered. I sipped very slowly, realising that the three well dressed gentlemen, who were soon to be very rich, were three well bred, highly educated wolves in town, who saw me as easy meat.

As in most packs, there is a leader, and the leader here was the one who’d first approached me. I very quickly got the impression that this pack had hunted together before. They certainly knew how to splash on the sexually charged innuendos, carefully wrapped in sickly-sweet, tooth-rotting flattery.

The entire prolonged conversation was more than a little surreal, and I always imagine the scene as the story of the three little pigs in reverse: three hungry wolves and one little trembling piglet.
Time seemed to tick my very slowly, as they kept filling my glass as soon as it was near the bottom.

….continued from Champagne…..

“How come you aren’t married?” asked wolf number two, whose manicured fingers of his left hand kept rubbing over the back of his other hand, and whose tongue constantly slithered out to bathe his lower lip.
“I was, but he wasn’t up to much in the bedroom,” I said softly, avoiding their eyes, “and he couldn’t hold down a job for long, so I left him after three years.”

They looked at each other, number one smiling, number two licking his lip and number three flaring his nostrils slightly as if he caught a whiff of something interesting.

“Why did you marry him in the first place, if he crap in the sack?” asked their leader, wolf number one. He was the more physically attractive of the pack; having a full head of dark hair; a square chin; broad shoulders; a steady stare and big strong hands.
I let my eyes drop demurely, feigning shyness. “I didn’t know anything about sex then. I was still a virgin. He was my first and we didn’t make love till out wedding night.”

“A virgin, on you wedding night?” laughed wolf one. “That’s rare these days.”
“Is it?” I said. “Since then there’s only been one other man.”

Wolf three’s eyes seemed to light up. “What, only one! A woman as devastatingly beautiful as yourself, usually have a lot of men trying to drag her into bed.” He was the older of the three; perhaps forty. He had very pale blue eyes that seemed to jitter slightly behind his round spectacles. He kept taking them off to polish the lenses with a tissue, as if they were steaming up.

I smiled, as I sipped delicately uncrossing my legs and re-crossing them the other way, seeing their eyes following my naked thighs. “Oh, I have. Men are always trying to take me to bed, but I’m a Roman Catholic, and I don’t believe in sleeping around. So you see, I don’t have a lot of experience of men. My last lover cheated on me and left me with a lot of dept. I’ve found it hard to trust a man since, and I haven’t been made love to for nearly a year and a half. Tonight is my first date in all that time. I’m very nervous, that ‘s why I’m so early.”

“If you were mine I wouldn’t leave you alone in a bar,” put in wolf number two. “You never know what kind of unscrupulous rogue might try to take advantage of you.”
“I’m lucky that you three are here to protect me until my date arrives then,” I said swallowing the last of the liquid in my glass and placing my hand over the top to stop number one from refilling it. “Although, I’m not sure now that I want to be with him.”
“Really? Why is that?” asked wolf number one.

“He has a bit of a reputation as a womanizer and I know he’s only after one thing.”
“So this rogue is coming here to wine and dine you, and expects you to go home with him, is that it?” said wolf number three, polishing his glasses again.

“I think he intends to take me to one of the rooms in this hotel. I only agreed to meet him because he said that he could get me a contract with one of the agencies he owns. He’s very rich, he knows all the right people who can make my career, and I desperately need the money.”

“A likely story,” said wolf two, licking his lips. “How those men get away with it, I don’t know.”
“But now I think I might leave and not have dinner with him,” I continued, looking sad.
“Do you like sex?” asked wolf one taking the chance to refill my glass when I moved my hand.

I raised my eyes slowly and looked him full in the face. “Of course I do. I love sex, with right man of course. It’s been so long. My last lover was very good in bed, and he taught me a lot of ways to please him. But I really shouldn’t be telling you this; after all, I hardly know you.”
“Don’t worry,” smiled wolf number two, “your secret is safe with us.”

….back to Champagne….