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Spending a night with Christian was something I’d done many, many times. As I’ve probably said before he was the gayest, lunatic I’ve ever known. He has a selfish streak a mile wide, is self centred, narcissistic and vain. But he is also brave and caring and sensitive. Christian is no saint and can come across as a slut, and sometimes his actions bolster that impression. But he is one of those characters who loves too quickly and too deeply, as he searches for the kind of love that is incredibly hard to find, in a world where everything, including sincerity appears to be for sale.


breastsThe sound of a phone ringing dragged me out of a bad dream. I rolled over, my partly open eyes focusing on the naked man still sleeping at my side, the duvet pushed down to his middle exposing a long, slender, toned, hairless, white torso.
The phone stopped ringing.
Sighing, I glanced at the time projected on the ceiling from the clock on the bedside, closed my eyes again and tried to ignore the drum banging in my head, and the taste of dead rat on my tongue.

The party the night before had deteriorated into an all out orgy, as the guests got steadily plastered and stoned. Someone had brought a bag of cocaine, and white lines of the snow were produced on tables, along with little silver snorting straws.
The black girl, who’d been finger fucking and licking the woman on the sofa when we arrived, now completely naked, walked around carrying a tray of pre-rolled joints.
Someone had handed me one, I took it and sucked greedily, feeling my head climb back into the clouds as the vapours seeped into my brain, and the usual warm, mellow sensations slowly invaded my body.
A top heavy blonde woman with a silver bar through her nostril, and wearing only a lacy black Basque grabbed my hand and attempted to drag me toward a bedroom.

“C’mon doll,” she said, “I got an urge to listen to you squeal.”
“I have to go to the toilet,” I pleaded, freeing my fingers from her grip.

I stumbled into a bathroom to hide and found the owner of the house, who Christian had told me was called Patrick, sitting on the toilet, getting a blowjob from a chubby, half naked man on his knees, while another man buggered his flabby bottom.
Mine host took the reefer out of his mouth, blew smoke and grinned at me, “If you want to piss you can use one of the other toilets along the hall or upstairs,” he said. “If you want to get fucked, just wait a minute, the ass-fucker swings both ways, I’m sure he’ll be happy to accommodate you when he’s done roasting George here. I’m not too fussy myself. We could both do you. Do you fuck men, darlin’? Or are you just a rug-muncher?” He put a hand on George’s head and forced his penis deeper into his throat, making him gag.

“Women only,” I said, leaning against the door.
“Damn shame,” he sighed. “I haven’t had me some pussy since…..since that steaming cunt Anita was here. You’re Christian’s lesbian pal aren’t you?”
“Good homo I hear, but too fussy, won’t let me into his ass. Nice and tight they tell me, and they say he gives magnificent suction.”

He gasped and growled in his throat as he ejaculated into George’s mouth. After a minute he patted his sucker on the head. “Bloody lovely, George,” he said. “You can come again, my son. Up you get boys, let’s get out and let the lady have some privacy.”
“But I’m not done,” said the man who was still deep inside the one on his knees.
“Take it into a bedroom Steve,” Patrick ordered.
Steve pulled out and smacked George on the ass. “Come on fat boy, lets you and me go find us a mattress that’s not being used.”
I waited till they’d gone, locked the door and threw up in the toilet.

I hadn’t seen much of Christian for most of the night. One hour passed into two and then into three. I’d wondered back into the big sitting room and found the tall blonde I’d met in the kitchen up against a wall, her trousers around her ankles and a pretty brunette on her knees slowly tonguing her vagina. Nobody seemed to be taking any notice of them. The blonde looked at me as I passed and smiled, but there didn’t seem to be any joy in it. I felt sorry for her.

I found a seat next to four men playing poker, piles of coins and notes in the middle of the table. They greeted me with friendly smiles and went on playing. One of them handed me a joint and I sucked on it and handed it back.
I tried not to look, but now and then I felt compelled to glance across at the two women against the wall. She was watching me, the sad smile still playing on her lips and reflected in her blue eyes.

We’d crawled in around five in the morning, barely taking the time to strip off our clothes before tumbling into bed together.

The phone started up again.
My companion rolled onto his side, eyes fluttering open. “Morning babe,” he greeted me. “I hope you weren’t thinking of blowing me while I slept.”
“I thought about it,” I replied. “The urge was strong, but I resisted. You know I have a thing for openly gay men. And you do have a quite magnificent body, for someone who never exercises. ”
“What can I say? I am blessed.” He looked at my naked body, eyes lingering on my nipples and then travelling downward. “We two must’ve been the only ones who didn’t get fucked or buggered last night.”
“You might not have been fucked, you slut,” I laughed, “but I saw you with your lips wrapped around some guys cock.”
“Which one?”
“I don’t know. How many were there?”
“A few.”
“Who was the one you abandoned me for when we arrived?”
“Allan. He was the first.”
“The one I saw was tall and dark.”
“Oh yes, that was Daniel. He was number three. Nice meaty penis, soft on top, gnarled down the sides. He swings both ways though. I saw him later, up to his nuts in some skanky, half lesbian bitch. Cocks were wild last night. All you had to do was reach out and one landed in your hand. I’m surprised you didn’t get your pussy felt. Or did you?”
“No, I managed to get clean away; although I did get a few offers and a kiss or two.”
“Ingrid told me she kissed you. She really fancied you.”
“Tall, blonde, beautiful startling blue eyes and broken.”
“Oh yes, I met her in the kitchen. She was said about her old lover.”
“It’s a shame you aren’t even a little bit into women. You could probably make her less sad.”
“I never said that I wasn’t a little into women. It’s just-“
“What… you mean you’ve actually done it with a girl? You sly bitch – you never told me.”
“I only did it with one girl. I don’t make a habit of it.”
“I am both shocked and delighted. You’d be good for my poor Inga.”
“She told me all about it, right before she assaulted my lips. Anyway, I don’t want to go down that road. It was a long time ago in my lesbian blue period.”
“What a shame. Inga isn’t really the slut she seemed to be last night, and I really do think you two would be good together. You wouldn’t really be committing adultery, you know.”
“Just how do you work that one out?”
“Simple – there’s no cock, so no cuckold. Plastic strap-ons don’t really count – they never cum.”
“Neither the law or my husband would see it that way.”
“I keep forgetting you are some sort of lawyer. Anyway, he’d probably enjoy seeing you get it on with another girl.”

“He might, but there’s also the danger that he’d want to fuck her himself.”
“Then let him.”
“Like hell I would!”
“You mean you’d deny him a little outside pussy, after what you’ve been up to, with you know who?”
“I don’t have a leg to stand on, but that’s just the way I am. Anyway Marco was a mistake; never ever to be repeated.”
“And what do I say if….when he asks about you?”
“Just say you haven’t seen me.”
“Do you really expect him to believe that? How about I tell him you’ve decided to become a lesbian….again?”
“Tell him what you like. Now, are you going to answer that fucking phone?”
“Nope. I am not accepting any communication from the outside world. Today I’m going to soak in the bath; tweeze my eyebrows; shave my balls, and slob out on spicy pizza.”
“Lovely. Do you need any help with that?”
“No thanks. I can manage. Anyway, you’d better be going home to that hairy, Neanderthal, homophobe of yours. I suspect that his hairy ball-sac could do with a trim. But before you go, we should make love.”
“We’ve never made love – I think we should do it at least once.”
“Really….. Why?”
“Because we’re already naked, and I know you fantasize about having my babies.”
“I do?”
“Yes you do. And even though I don’t fancy you that way, I’m sure I can get a hard-on if you blow me first. I’ll just close my eyes and imagine you’re a gay, black man. Then all you have to do is lay back and-“
“Okay lover, you’ve convinced me. Let’s get it on.”
“You don’t expect me to munch your….your….”
“No-o-o, your sweet, sexy talk has already made me wet enough. But what will this do to our friendship?”
“I don’t know. And is once going to be enough for you? Men have been known to threaten suicide, because I won’t let them stick their cocks in my cute little corn-hole. On second thoughts, perhaps we shouldn’t.”
“But you’ve got me all worked up and wet now,” I said sliding across the bed toward him. “You can’t lead a girl on, and then refuse to give her what you promised. It’s cruel. Come on big boy; let me show you how a woman gives suction. I’m told I give excellent head, and you never know, once you’ve had it, you might decide to come over to the other side.”

Christian gave me a kiss on the nose. “You know if I was going to cross over it would be for you,” he said.
“I know, darling,” I replied. “And if I ever decide to have sex with a rampant homo, it will be you. Right now I need coffee and something to stop the banging in my head. But first I’m going to take the bloody phone off the hook, it’s driving me insane.”