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It’s standing room only in the bar. I caught the eye of the barista and there was a look of recognition. He raised an eye-bow and shrugged slightly, as if apologising for the uninvited multitude that was filling his till with coin.
Turning I walked back through the door and shuffled along the road to the bad coffee, coffee shop.

There’s a Japanese couple sitting in the middle of the room dressed in identical semi-transparent plastic macs. They are studying a tourist map while sipping steaming mugs of hot chocolate, topped with artificial cream.
I got my beverage and a small cake, and scuttled into a corner.

He was on form yesterday. Had a little bit of help though, courtesy of a little blue pill. You know the one – gives a man a boner that lasts and lasts. Not that he needs it much. He said he was experimenting.

So, there we were shacked up in an expensive hotel, a bottle of champagne, a length of silk rope and a man with semi-permanent erection, sounds like heaven. It was. All he wanted to do was please me, again and again. And he did. I am going to be sore for a week.

Afterward, while he hummed in the shower, I lay glowing amidst the crumpled sheets, and wandered about life. It would be so easy to cut the ties I’d made within my other life, I told myself. And by the time he came out, his loins wrapped in a big fluffy white towel, I’d decided to devote my mind and my body to just one man.

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 ………“You could at least get me something to wear,” I said, “I’m not comfortable sitting around naked in a strange man’s bedroom.”

“Wear? But I prefer you as you are; naked and perfect. Anyhow, I’m hardly a stranger. I tongued your vagina last night, remember. That makes me a buddy.” He spooned some of the delicious smelling eggs onto a small plate, “After breakfast we can discuss what we do next.”

“I go home, that’s what I do.”
“Is that really what you want to do? Or is that just what you think you should do?”
“It’s what I’m going to do. You can’t keep me locked up in this hotel all day!”

He laughed softly. “Hotel? Is that where you think you are? No, Cara Mia, this is not a hotel, it’s my apartment. Don’t you remember? Your friend Christian hurled all over your dress. We came here to get you cleaned up. Then he passed out on the floor, so I put him in one of the empty bedrooms. Then you and I had a few drinks; one thing led to another and we ended the night by making sweet love. Your husband, who ever he is, is certainly a lucky man.

I’ve never been given a blow-job so professionally before. Just where did you learn to do that thing with your tongue? No other woman I’ve ever met has been able to take so much of me in her mouth. And your peach, it’s so juicy. I was down there for an hour. I’m not sure I want to let you go just yet, not before you give me a repeat performance.”

“I can’t.”
“You don’t want to? Didn’t you enjoy the way we fucked last night? You certainly seemed to.”
“I didn’t say that you didn’t please me. But I just can’t, that’s all.”
“How many orgasms did you have? Five…..six?”
“You are quite the expert lover. It must’ve taken a small army of women to refine your technique.”
“I admit that I have a very healthy appetite.”

Sliding off the bed he walked across to a glass sliding door, retrieved what looked like two white silk Kimonos, came back to the bed and held one out to me.
I quickly slid the smooth material around me, doing up the belt as tight as I could.

“Now we eat,” he said, donning the other garment. “By then your new clothes will be here.”

The eggs tasted wonderful, but all the time I was aware that he was watching me; a kind of malicious amusement in his deep brown eyes. Like a cat that has a mouse trapped, and likes to play with his food before he swallows it whole.

He reached out and placed a hand under my chin, raising my face to that I had to look into his eyes. I closed my eyes to avoid the naked desire I could see there.

I might have been able to blame by fall from grace the night before on the moonlight and the wine and the scotch, but if I was to succumb again, I only had my own weakness to blame.

His kiss started gently, light as smoke, then ignited into an intensity that threaded to burn away my resolve.
I could feel the tide of lust rising up inside me and coming ashore between my legs. I shook my head and moved away, afraid that if I stayed too close to the fire I’d be consumed in the flames. Butterflies danced in my belly. I was already wet……

Must stop. Believe it or not I’m wetter than a waterfall. Need to visit the ladies room.