About Me

Recently I had a professional site designer build a site, similar in look to this one, at: www.awantonwoman.co.uk  – But I will continue to place future blogs on this site as well.

fleurThis page, as those of you in my position will understand, will, and has to be annoyingly vague.
So why bother? Good question.
Having read through a few such blogs like this one, I found it easier to empathize with the writer if I was given an idea of the likes, loves, fears and hates of the writer. It was also easier to relate to her if I didn’t have to try to imagine what she looked like.

I am a natural rusty auburn, above and below. I have greenish eyes with heavy lids.  My husband says my eyeballs bulge slightly. But he says it with love, which is alright.

My lips are full, wide and mildly pouting. Kisser’s lips, he calls them.
My high cheek bones are a little on the sharp side, and I’d say that my jaw-line is slightly too square.

I am taller than the average, a fraction above 5 feet 10 inches (1 m 80 cm) in my stockings. Weight wise, 151 lb (almost 68 kg). My breasts are a solid 36C.
He doesn’t agree that what you can’t get into your mouth is wasted.

I run, swim and cycle a lot, so my legs are toned without being too muscular.
Looking in the mirror I’d say that my hips (a gift from my mother) are a little too wide. But hey, nobody’s perfect.

Educationally I started at a state school, but was moved to a private school when my parents decided that I was mixing with the wrong crowd. At the new school I did mix with the wrong crown, and learnt things (not on the curriculum) that I probably would never have even heard of at the other place.
On leaving school I took a year out to travel. More of which later………..

I enjoy sex (too much obviously), skiing, running, tennis, swimming and reading. I love eating – more of a carnivore than a veggie.
Like the theatre, but not too fond of ballet.
Get the picture?

So stranger, if you see me on the street, please pretend you don’t know me.

Cheers, Bee Anonymous

The dialogue included in this blog is as accurate as my memory of the events allows. I am gifted, or cursed with what is called an eidetic memory; which means that I can recall everything I have ever read, seen, heard, experienced, smelt and done.
The skill comes in very handy in my job, and also has the added advantage that I am able to lie to my husband with little chance of being caught out.
Although a few people have this ability it usually fades before adulthood.


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