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oldart2Dear Confidante,

I am stuck on the horns of a dilemma – blog wise. I am as you know attempting to keep the content as historically factual as memory allows, and at the same time swerving to avoid the pitfalls associated with too explicit a description of those moments which are purely sexual, when words become superfluous; (fade out), except when and where the descriptions are needed to show something of the character of my lovers.

However, I am aware that several of the people who are kindly following this blog are desirous of a more in-depth, tell all, kind of description, bordering on the extremely erotic.

I am, as I have already confessed, an amateur writer, and so am not sure that my skill-set includes writing very explicit descriptions of the sexual acts, in which I was fortunate enough to be a happy participant.

Educationally and professionally, my reading has been entirely taken up by huge, dry, legal tomes and mountains of financial texts, which has left no time to peruse the shelves for books with a more sensual content.

In order to bridge the gap, I have recently downloaded, from a well known source, a number of books whose titles indicate that the content is salacious, volcanically hot and steamy. Hopefully in few weeks I’ll have some idea of how to write erotic content that is both engaging and steamily sexy.

Or, should I just write it as it happened? Even though those memories make me wet, I’m not sure that I can convey them in such a way that will make you the reader, similarly dripping or hard.

Bee Anonymous