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On sex and relationshipsTo date I’ve had forty-seven requests for advice on sex and relationships. I have also received three proposals of marriage and seventeen offers that made me laugh, shiver and wonder whether the writer shouldn’t be locked away in a dungeon and the key conveniently lost.

To the first I’ve replied that I do not feel myself qualified to give advice, since I believe that there are professionals far more willing and able to advise, or lead the sexually lost into the forest and leave them snivelling against a tree, like Hansel and Gretel.

In general, sex is a simple technique – do what pleases. If it hurts stop and reconsider the possible rewards or problems associated with continuing.

Some techniques take practice, and can, with a little perseverance lead to great delight. However, not all positions or forms of penetration are for everyone.

You alone will know if you want to do this or that. If your gut says no, then listen to your gut.

If he or she insists, then it might be time to wonder if they have your pleasure in mind, or only their own. It might be time to run for the hills, throw them out of the window, or just pull on your underwear and call a cab. If necessary, leave without your panties.

I thank the gentlemen who feel that I am the lover of their dreams (as one put it). However, I cannot at this time accept marriage proposals. But I must say that the pictures were impressive. No, I cannot return the favour and send pictures of my breast or any other part of my body. Really! What a suggestion. I blush.

The other offers, (not of marriage), were interesting, and under other circumstance would certainly tempt me. Especially the one from JBM.