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leg-bum…after Red on Canvas…

It is an odd thing, but although I knew that he didn’t have my number or knew where I lived, I still jumped every time my mobile jingled or there was an unexpected knock on the door in the evening.
He knew my first name….. Did I tell him anything else about myself before….. No…. but yes……. dear God! Christian had been more than generous with information, but thankfully, mostly about himself. He was always very verbal when alcohol oiled his tongue.

All through Sunday I lived on tender-hooks, my mind running along on a diarrhoea of dark thoughts.

I tried to distract myself with activity; running, walking the dog, baking, cleaning, washing. But I couldn’t escape the speeding train of images, witnesses for the prosecution that moved in a haze past my minds eye.

“That was a big sigh. Are you okay?”
“Yes. Just a little tired.”
He laughed. “It’s your own fault for staying out all night.”

He didn’t finish the sentence. It wouldn’t have occurred to him that his wife wasn’t the same woman he’d kissed goodbye to last Friday morning.

Monday I drove back into the city. Millions of people; strangers; there wasn’t any way I could run into him, was there?

The case I was working was complicated and required all my attention. No time to daydream; to stare out of the window and wonder whether he was down there looking up at my office. My God, did he know where I worked?
I called Christian at lunch time.

“What happened to you, bitch?” he began right away.
“Nothing….. What do you mean?”
“You were gone when I woke up in a strange bed.”
“I did have a home and a husband to get back to, remember. Anyway you were drunk and stoned. He promised he’d make sure you got home safely in the morning.”
“Oh, he did. I would have liked a blow-job, or I could have given him one, but it’s a damn shame he’s not into that sort of thing. I thought he might have tried to fuck you though. I could see the way he was eating you up with his eyes. How did you escape his latin tentacles?”
“I’m a married woman, remember.”
“Come on, you can’t tell me you didn’t at least think about banging him.”
“Okay….. I admit I thought about it. But that’s all. We don’t all follow our basic instincts.”

I breathed a sigh of relief. He’d kept my secret. I’d gotten away with it. Life could return to normal.