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Thank you for highlighting the fact that I didn’t say where the conversation for the post “The Chase” took place. It was at the local swimming pool where I regularly went in the evening to train. At the time I had aspirations of Olympic glory.
On that occasion I was wearing a skin tight, one piece swim suit that was perhaps more revealing than I would have liked.
Fortunately, after my experience in California with my Aunt, I regularly clipped the bush down under, so no hair was visible on that particular evening.

I saw the way he looked at me as I approached, his eyes making a leisurely inventory, like a shop keeper; legs (two: check); hips (wide-ish: check); crotch (Mm-m-m: unchecked); belly (flat: check); breasts (two: check); lips (slightly pouty: check); eyes (two: check): hair (invisible under rubber cap: unchecked).

“Imagine running into you again so soon?”……………………..etc, etc