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shoe2At university I shared a house with two girls; my best pall from my youth, of whom I have already spoken (A Friend in Need; hereafter known as Anna) and the girl that was introduced in (Number Theory; known as Mary).

The house belonged to Anna’s mother who’d purchased the two story four bedroom dwelling as an investment, and so that her daughter didn’t have to pay the exorbitant rent, extorted from poor students by absentee landlords. Not that Anna could be considered to be on the bread-line.

After buying the house for what would have been a small fortune, she spent a not inconsiderable sum having it gutted, modernized and refitted as a smaller replica of the ancestral home, including wet-room, sunken bath, large extension at the rear, luxury kitchen with every modern convenience and a double garage, although none of us had a car at the time. She then had the rear garden landscaped and planted with easy to manage plants and shrubs.

“It’s her way of showing me how much she loves me,” Anna said, with a sprinkling of sarcasm in her voice, the day she rang me and almost commanded that I move in with her that September.
“How much rent is she charging to live at the Palais Royale,” I asked.
“Rent…? What rent? She doesn’t need the money, and I’m certainly not going to take any from you.”
“But it’s only fair,” I insisted.

“No! Absolutely and utterly nein! And that’s final.”
“In that case the answer is no,” I said.
Her voice became pleading, “Oh, please, you wouldn’t make be live there on my own, or worse, with strangers who haven’t yet seen me with my clothes off, would you? You know how I like to walk around naked. And just imagine, if it’s just you and me, we could share a bed.”

“What are you suggesting, Mata Hari?”
“Nothing like that… naturally. Neither of us are lesbians. Although I did see the most gorgeous young filly the other day, who I wouldn’t mind fondling. We could share her. Just imagine, she could be our body slave.”
“It’s a good thing I know you are straight, or I’d seriously start to worry about your intentions.”
“Don’t make me beg. It’s unseemly.”

“Ok then, on the proviso that I help with the household bills and such.”
“Done. Now, how soon can you move in to our little love nest?

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