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oldart6….following on from The Italian…..

“What diabolical schemes are you two cooking up?”
I turned to find Christian within a few feet of us, arm in arm with a plump, pale, baby-faced man in his early thirties.
“We were just reminiscing about the first time we met,” said Marco casually.

“Please…. don’t remind me,” Christian said. “When I woke up I hadn’t a god-damned clue where the fuck I was. I was in a strange bed, which wasn’t that unusual; I often wake up in strange beds with strange naked men. What concerned me was that I was alone, half dressed, my mouth didn’t taste of stale cock, and my ass didn’t feel as though it had been reamed, which was unusual. I wondered around the huge apartment, and found two crumpled beds, which told me that you two hadn’t been exchanging bodily fluids in the night either. Then your man, what was his name…….?”
“John,” Marco supplied.
“Yes, he appeared and told me you’d both gone and left me, and that he’d make me breakfast if I wanted it. I never eat breakfast before my first cigarette of the day.”
I glanced at the Italian whose face remained smilingly impassive. I hadn’t known that he’d set the scene to make it look as though I’d slept alone and un-adulterated.

“Thank you,” I murmured, when Christian had wondered away arm in arm with his companion.
“For what?”
“For protecting my reputation.”
“Always, cara mia. There was another reason I wanted to see you again.”
“Other than trying to get me into bed again?”
“Yes. In spite of the pleasure we had together, I think I might have taken advantage of the situation that night.”

“Advantage…..! How?”
“I made love to you knowing you were married, and that you’d be devastated about what we’d done in the morning.”
“You mean you forcibly seduced me when I was unable to resist.”
“Not forcibly, you took your own clothes off, and even ripped your blouse trying to get out of it, remember. Even so, I knew you were…..let’s say, acting out of character.”
“Is that how you get all our ladies? Get them drunk and stoned and then fuck them in the ass?”

He laughed softly. “Of course it is. I am too ugly to talk them into going to bed with me. And as to fucking them in the ass, I don’t recall forcing you. I asked you if it was okay to take you that way, and you rolled over and presented yourself like an experienced acolyte. I naturally assumed that your husband, or one of your previous lovers had already introduced you to the delights of the ass fuck. It wasn’t until I tried to get into you, that I realised I was going to be the first. But by then I was so excited by the prospect of taking your virginity that I couldn’t stop myself.”

“I’d rather not talk about it any more, if you don’t mind,” I said murmured, half turning away, trying to cover my embarrassment as he described what we’d done. “I feel ashamed every day. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go to the ladies room.”