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It’s Thursday already. How fast this week has gone.
He’s just gone for a quick walk with the dog, (he is off work too). I have about an hour before he comes back feeling frisky.

So far we have managed to make love three times a day. It’s still fun. He’s certainly got into the swing of taking out his penis, pushing me over into a bent position, and sliding it into me from behind. He’s always had a particular liking for that position. It has the advantage of allowing him to fondle my breast with one hand and play with my clitoris with the other.

It hasn’t been wall to wall sex though. We have taken long walks into the woods (up against the tree), ambled through the fields, (a quickie in the long grass), climbed fences (he wanted to do it there too, but I saw a group of riders approaching as soon as he’d pushed his hand into my knickers.)
We have stared decorating one of the spare rooms, just the woodwork so far. Today I have a lunch date with Anna and them I’m going to swim. I’ll probably b a little frisky afterward. Heaven.


Now I look back on that incident, I wonder at my own part in what really amounted to a dangerous game. Initially I felt a little trepidatious – butterflies in the belly, tightness in the back of the neck – but it soon passed, leaving me with a sense of euphoria as the game progressed, helped along by the numerous glasses of champagne they were trying to pour into me.
That bubbles went to my head very quickly, even though I sipped slowly.

I recognised the three gentlemen for what they were, Old Estonian or Harrow boys, followed by either Oxford or Cambridge universities. Their accents spoke of summer balls, riding to hounds, Henley, Ascot and the Queen’s dinner parties, where the dropping of an H or a G was tantamount to linguistic treason.

“So what is it you gentlemen do exactly,” I asked trying and failing to mimic my secretary’s south London accent, at the same time batting my eye-lids, and tugging at the hem of my disobedient skirt, that seemed intent on showing everything I had.

For the next five minutes they talked about stocks, shares, mergers and take-overs, all ending in them pocketing amounts ending in multiples of zeroes. Meat and potatoes to this girl, but I smiled and looked impressed.
“Sounds very confusing to me,” I said, “all except the last bit about the millions and millions of pounds. It must be nice to be rich. I’d give almost anything to have even a little bit of that sort of dough.”
“Would you?” asked number two, taking the bait.
Number 1 and 3 looked at each other, a slavering glint in their eyes.
“What time is your date due?” asked wolf number 1.
I glanced at my watch – it was a minute to seven. “Thirty minutes,” I said.
“What will he do if you aren’t here?” asked wolf 2.
I smiled at him trying to interpret his meaning. “Why shouldn’t I be here?” I asked, innocently.
“You said that you weren’t sure you wanted to be with him tonight,” put in wolf 3, eagerly.
“I might not want to be, but if I want to make enough money to pay the mortgage every month and pay off the dept that bastard left me in, I don’t really have a choice.”

A meaningful look passed between them. “You could let us help you,” said wolf number 1. “Then you wouldn’t have to sleep with this guy.”
“That’s very nice of you, but I couldn’t….we’ve only just met, and I might never afford to pay you back.”
Wolf number 3 laughed. “Don’t worry about paying us back, darling. We’ll write it off as a business expense.”
Wolves one and two nodded.

My eyes narrowed. “What would you want in exchange?” I said, extending a finger and poking wolf number 2 in the chest playfully.
“Nothing,” wolf number 1 said quickly.
“In that case I can’t. I don’t take charity.”
“How about the pleasure of your company whenever we come into town?” said wolf 1. “We could meet up, have dinner, go to a show, then on to a club and then-“
“You’d want to fuck me,” I said, giggling like a ninny.
“I wouldn’t put it that way,” wolf 2 said softly, placing a hand on my knee just below the hem of my skirt, that had ridden up enough to expose a dangerously indecent upper thigh.
“And only if you wanted to,” added wolf 1.
“What….all three of you?” I giggled.
Wolf 1 arched his eyebrows slowly. He was the most dangerous hunter. “Not at the same time – naturally.”

There was a minutes silence, while wolf 1 undressed me with his eyes, wolf 2 gave his lower lip a bath with his tongue, and wolf 3 wiped his glasses. I could see that they were all imagining the scene in which each of them had me alone, stripped, bound and at their mercy.

“You are joking, of course,” I said, genuinely astonished that we had gone from absolute strangers to indecent proposals in a matter of minutes.
“No,” said wolf 3. “Between us we can easily afford to pay off whatever debt you might have, and we will also agree to pay your mortgage and expenses.
“But I can’t,” I said slowly, looking at each in turn. “I’d never be able to live with myself. I’d be a kept woman.”
“A very rich, independent, kept woman,” said wolf 1. “Just imagine the advantages; never to worry about money again. A mortgage free life, a sports car, jewels, holidays, dinner out every night.”
“It does sound enticing,” I said, picking up my glass, “if you put it that way. But still…..”
Number one looked at his watch. “You have ten minutes to make you mind up,” he said. “We need to be gone before your friend arrives.”

I pushed back my chair, sat back and uncrossed my legs slowly, making sure they had a good view of what I wasn’t wearing. Three pairs of eyes popped out of their skulls.
“I don’t quite know what to say,” I began, re-crossing my legs. “It’s very tempting. And I know you probably mean every word, and might even be able to afford to give me everything you promise, but you might be disappointed in what you are buying. And what happens when jealousy comes calling? I can’t promise that I won’t prefer to fuck one of you more than the others.”

“Very true,” nodded number 1. “But that’s a risk I think we are willing to take. And if the time comes that you feel that you only want to sleep with one of us, the other two will, as gentlemen, bow out.”
I looked up as the door on the far side of the room opened. “He’s here,” I said softly. “I can’t make a decision so quickly. It’s too much to ask. Give me a number that I can call.”

In a flash number one had pulled a card out of his wallet and handed it to me. I slid it into my bag as the Canadian took a seat at a table across the room a satisfied smile on his handsome face.
I got to my feet, pulling down the hem of my dress. “I’ll ring tomorrow,” I said smiling down at their upturned faces. “I promise.”
“What about him?” began number 2. “Are you going to sleep with him tonight?”
“I don’t want to,” I said looking confused, “but he isn’t the sort of man a woman says no to. He’s used to getting what he wants. Are you really serious about helping me?”
They all nodded.
“Then I’ll find a way to get away from him after dinner, before he can get me up into his room. Goodbye till tomorrow.”

I walked away, aware that their eyes were devouring by bottom and their minds recalling the glimpse of my neatly trimmed pussy that I’d allowed them to see.

“What was all that about?” asked the Canadian.
“I’ll tell you over dinner,” I said. “I’ve had a lot of champagne, and my pussy is very wet.”
“In that case, why don’t we skip dinner and I’ll take you upstairs and I’ll eat you raw,” he laughed. “We’ll order room-service afterward.

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