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Anna, as some might recall had been my surrogate sister, confidant, house mate and temporary lesbian lover. Married with a couple of daughters, she’d been caught having an affair with a married man. Her husband, in an attempt to save the marriage had offered forgiveness, so long as she gave up the lover and promised never to see him again. To which she replied, no. She is now living on her own in a nice apartment and sees her children on the weekend.


It was a couple of Saturdays ago that the heavy brass knocker vibrated the door. When I opened it in my dressing-gown Anna was standing on the other side a beaming smile on her face and a bag of croissants in her hand.

“Surprise,” she said stepping past me and heading directly for the kitchen. “Is the coffee hot?”
“No,” I said closing the door. “I didn’t know I was expecting company.”
“I tried ringing last night but there must be something wrong with your phone. So I decided to just come over and surprise you. You don’t mind, do you?”
“No. But any earlier and you would have caught us having-“
“No – a small disagreement. The sex was much earlier.”

Fifteen minutes later I’d washed and changed into jeans and a shirt and we were sitting in the living room sipping coffee, while Anna nibbled on the pointy end of a croissant.

“Do you ever think of those days back at university?” she said, after we’d discussed the weather, her children and her bastard husband, who was apparently still making it difficult for her to see the girls.
“Yes…..sometimes. It was an incredible time. We were young….younger and eager, and everything was so fresh and exciting.”
“I mean those days…… You know what I mean.”
“Oh..… those days. Before you blew me off for a guy you met in a bar. Yes, I think of them now and then.”
“I didn’t blow you off. We agreed that we weren’t exclusive, and anyway, we weren’t actually lesbians – in  the strict sense of the word.”

“That didn’t stop me from being devastated the night you brought him home and took him up to your….our bedroom. I could hear you two humping you know. And then when it carried on night after night it nearly destroyed me.”
“Oh…I didn’t know.”
“I often stood outside you door and listened to you screaming and cumming, and the bed bounding, and him grunting like a boar. The tears streamed down my face when I thought that he had his cock where my mouth hand been just twenty four hours before.”
“You poor, baby. I should have realised. I’m sorry.”

“You were too cock-struck to even give me another thought. I was angry too, you know. That’s why I did what I did.”
“What was that? I don’t recall-“
“I fucked him that weekend you went home to see your folks.”
“I….you…..I don’t….you bitch……you’re laughing at me. I believed every fucking word.”
“Sorry, I couldn’t resist. You looked so happy when you arrived, as if you’d just been told you’d inherited another million shares in an oil company.”

“You didn’t listen outside my room, did you?” she said, narrowing her eyes at me.
“Only once or twice; it’s really hot listening to your friend getting screwed. I suppose there’s a little bit of the voyeur in all of us. I did think that you could have at least offered to share him with me.”
“And what if I had? Would you have said yes?”
“No. But it would’ve been nice to be asked.”

“I’ll let you into a little secret – he so wanted to fuck you.”
“No-o-o. How did you find out?”
“The prick told me. That’s’ why I kicked him out.”
“But he was so cute… and from all the noise coming out of your throat, he certainly knew how to push your buttons.”

“Oh, he was a sex-pert all right, especially with his hands. But one night we’d only just finished making love when he started on about you. After that every time we were screwing I had the feeling he was fantasizing that it was you he was doing it to. And that sort of competition I don’t tolerate, so he had to go.”
“I did wonder why you stopped seeing him.”

“What’s really funny was that he started seeing Caroline Muer a few days later, knocked her up and ended up marrying the skinny bitch. I always suspected he put a bun in her oven and did the right thing, because her old man was as rich as buggery.”
“You are hardly a pauper, why didn’t he make a play for your father’s fortune and connections?”
“Because I wasn’t a numpty; I made sure he had on a thick, rubber wet-suit before he slid his junk into my girlie bits. Anyhow, a stroll down memory lane isn’t the reason for my unannounced visit.”

“You mean it wasn’t to invite me into a life of lesbian lust behind my husbands back?”
“No. I’ve met someone.”
“A man you mean?”
“Of course a man. We’ve been seeing each other for nearly three weeks.”

“That’s good-“
“The thing is….he’s married.”
“You are having an affair!”
“Yes. But this time it’s different.”

“The difference is – I am not. Well… technically I still am, but as a separated woman I can see who I like.”
“So why are you telling me something people usually keep secret.”
“Because we’ve been buddies forever, shared all our secrets, done things together, and I just had to tell someone about it. You’d tell me, if you were having an affair, wouldn’t you?”
“Of course I would,” I said. “But that’s about as likely to happen as snow in July.”