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Dear BitchThis morning I received a rather disturbing email from someone who stumbled on my blog and thought that he would drop me a line to tell me exactly what he thought about it. He very kindly suggested that I publish his thoughts (if I dared) and also his name.

I am going to publish his comments in their unabridged entirety; however, I don’t feel that it’s appropriate to broadcast his identity.


I don’t know why fucking people like you stick this crap online, it’s the biggest load of shit I’ve ever seen and boring as dogwater. Who cares who you wanna fuck, not me. You could spread your legs for am entire football team and we wouldn’t give a rats ass.

I don’t know why you think your story is so interesting, there are slags like you out there everywhere whoring and cheating on their poor hard working husbands, and all I can hope is that you all catch something nasty and die screaming.

I’m willing to bet that you are really a wicked old bitch, sitting alone in some dump making  it all up, get a life granny you fucking lying cocksucking excuse for a woman.

Get off the line bitch, I don’t wanna read your shit anymore.

I am not offended, nor am I cowed by the gentleman’s critique of my words. Neither am I going to claim that he is entirely wrong in what he says, as regards the fact that there are many women who are at present having extra-marital relationships; as there are, if statistics are to be believed, an even greater number of men fucking women who are not their wives or partners.

I am amused by his description of me as a “wicked old bitch, sitting alone in some dump making  it all up, get a life granny you fucking lying cocksucking excuse for a woman” – this does show that he has some imagination at least.

He did make one point however, that I think does bear consideration; are the blog reading public and those in the wider community really interested in reading the confessions of adulterous women like myself?

That has long been a question that has surfaced now and then in my mind.
Why am I writing this?
Does anybody really care?
Is my prose entertaining, informative or just plain dull?

I cannot claim to be providing a service to the public at large, unless I am a warning to people who are on the verge of embarking on a similar life. Don’t do it – is my advice. But if you find that it is inevitable, then take extreme care that those who love you don’t become unwitting victims of your folly.

Be warned – in the main this sort of life does not go undiscovered indefinitely. Every theory says that chaos will eventually ensue, in-spite of all of your cunning, care, planning, and looks over your shoulder to see if you are being followed.

But I digress.
I do feel grateful to the man who took time out of his busy life to pen the above message, because it has made me stop and think about certain things. And question my own reasons for continuing with this online communication.