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Back in the bar again but I wont bother to talk about who is, or isn’t here. Not today. Because….I HAVE NEWS.
My husband told me last Monday that he had the opportunity to go and work in Italy for a few weeks, and that he’d like me go with him – if I can get some time off.
A chance too good to miss; but could I sell it to the powers that be?
Well I have, and…… we are off on the eighteenth.

Some of you might recall that I mentioned a while back that I spent part of my year between school and university in Italy; however, what I did not say, was that it was while I was there that I met the man destined to be my first. Yes, the man who took my virginity and stole my heart.

So, while I am there this time, I’ve decided it will be a good place and time to recount the tale, and tell all about what was arguably the happiest, and possibly the darkest time of my life.

Needless to say, I am very, very excited.